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Manga i Informeren

I dagens bogtillæg til Information skriver jeg om manga, manhwa, anime, webtoon og deres nuværende placering i populærkulturen, og mere specifikt i Danmark. Læs her.

Radio Rackham: Mainstream-manga

Rackham er nu på anden generation! Ikke et øje er tørt hos os gamle rackhamitter, der nu kan byde Thorhauges søn Andreas velkommen, sammen med kammeraten Jakob “Manga” Karrer til en snak om nogle af de største og bedste shonen-mangaer: Eiichiro Odas One Piece, Hayam Izayamas Attack on Titan og Tatsuki Fujimotos Chainsaw Man. Tegneseriens tilbageværende mainstream er her (og i Korea). Lyt her og læs mere på Nummer9.

Radio Rackham: The French Comics Market

In a first, we broadcast our latest episode in English. It features an interview with French comics critic, curator and market analyst Xavier Guilbert, who enlightens us on the French comics market, disspelling a number of myths along the way. He explains how manga alone has doubled the market between 2020 and 2021, how the best-selling publication in France in 2022 is a documentary comic about climate change, how the gender distribution of comics readership hasn’t changed along with the influx of female creators in the last decade or so but has remained stable since the eighties, and many other insights. This is a must for anyone interested in comics publishing or comics as a cultural phenomenon.

Listen here and read more (in Danish) at Nummer9. Also, do follow Xavier on Twitter @xguilbert and keep up with his work at his long-standing website

Michelangelo and Sebastiano on Italian radio!

Sebastiano del Piombo, Study of Martha and other figures for the Raising of Lazarus, 1517. Frankfurt, Städel

Last week I was a guest on the live culture evening broadcast og Italian Radio 3 along with my great colleague and friend Costanza Barbieri to talk about Michelangelo and Sebastiano del Piombo on the occassion of our new(ish) book The Compass and the Mirror. If you can deal with my pessimo italiano, I think it turned out pretty informative, especially due to Costanza’s presence there. And if you just can’t get enough, here’s the video of the book presentation we did at the Accademia San Luca last autumn.

Patricia Rubin on Raphael

Recently uploaded to my employer, The National Gallery’s youtube channel, this is a pleasant throwback to one of the joys of my working life last year: the Raphael exhibition and attendant events, such as this, the annual Linbury lecture, given by the great Patricia Rubin on the enduring afterlife of Raphael’s Madonna della Seggiola, today in the Palazzo Pitti in Florence. Director Gabriele Finaldi introduced Pat, who gave a knockout lecture, and I had the pleasure of discussing Raphael with her afterwards. Check it out here:

Radio Rackham: Tegneserieåret 2022

Så er det blevet tid til Radio Rackhams årsrevy! Vi fyrer op for nytårskur med masser af gæster, heriblandt Erik Barkman, Ida Dybdal, Felix Rothstein og Mads Bluhm i studiet og snakker om årets tegneserieudgivelser, året der gik på markedet, både i Danmark og internationalt samt diverse blasfemi- og pædofili-shitstorme. Lyt her og læs meget mere på Nummer9.

Godt nytår!

The Compass and the Mirror in Rome!

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the book presentation at the Accademia di San Luca in Rome of The Compass and the Mirror – Sebastiano del Piombo and Michelangelo that I have edited and contributed to. Based on research conducted and insights gained during the 2017 exhibition Michelangelo & Sebastiano that I organised at the National Gallery, the book presents a wide variety of new research on the two artists and the context of their collaboration. It is published by Brepols and you can read more here.

It was a real privilege to be able to organise a book presentation of this sort and to hear the critiques of my esteemed colleagues Professor Alessandro Zuccari of the Sapienze University of Rome and Cecilia Frosinini, faculty member at the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence. Both had pointed and important remarks that I will take forward in future work. You can see the entire presentation above, but note that the two respondents speak in Italian and only I, out of necessity, respond in English at the end.

Radio Rackham: Heavy Metal og tegneserier!

Denne gang handler vores radio om krydsfeltet mellem heavy metal-musik og -kultur og tegneserier. Det har længe været Frederiks hjertebarn og han leverer en af vores bedste episoder. LYT! (og læs mere på Nummer9).

Radio Rackham: Festivaler og frivillighed

I denne sommerepisode af Radio Rackham snakker vi med Mads Bluhm, Anthony Vernière og Arni Beck Gunnarsson om tegneseriefestivaler og frivillighedskulturens velsignelser og faldgruber. Vi kommer ind bag kulisserne hos Copenhagen Comics, Art Bubble, Copenhell Con, Pingprisen og Bogforum Comics. Det er en lytter, den her! Læs mere på Nummer9.

Raphael at the National Gallery

It is here! After six years of planning: the great Raphael exhibition that I’ve co-curated with Tom Henry and David Ekserdjian has opened at the National Gallery in London. It presents a comprehensive overview of Raphael’s entire career and charts his creativity across media and art forms, beyond drawing and painting to architecture and to design for tapestry, print, sculpture and the applied arts, as well as his activities as an archaeologist and art theorist. Even his essays in poetry are included. Need I say that the loans we have received from across Europe and the United States are incredible?

Originally planned for 2020, to mark the 500th anniversary of Raphael’s death on 6 April, Good Friday 1520, it was postponed due to the pandemic. I’m relieved that it is finally happening. Raphael feels so urgent today, not least after two years of pandemic and the outbreak of the war in Ukraine and with the sometimes crushing awareness of the challenges posed by climate change and environmental destruction. Raphael’s art and whole ethos is the opposite of that — a passionate assertion of human dignity, community and civilisation. Art doesn’t change the world, of course, but it still reflects it.

Do go, often and repeatedly, if you can. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Book here.

The Sistine Chapel In Our Time

I participated in the venerable In Our Time with Melwyn Bragg in an episode on the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo, alongside Catherine Fletcher from Manchester Metropolitan University and Sarah Vowles of the British Museum. It was a lot of fun and, I hope, an informative discussion. The brodcast was yesterday, but you can download the extended podcast version via BBC Sounds and, eventually, on other podcast platforms.

Radio Rackham: Maus

Art Spiegelmans Maus blev bandlyst i skolesystemet i McMinn County i Tennessee, så vi blev nødt til at diskutere censur men — væsentligere — en af verdens bedste tegneserier. Lyt her og læs mere på Nummer9.

New Book out!

I have a new book out! Several years in the making, The Compass and the Mirror — Sebastiano del Piombo and Michelangelo is an anthology of scholary articles on the two great artists and their collaboration and relationship between 1511 and 1547. Inspired by the exhibition Michelangelo & Sebastiano that I curated at the National Gallery in 2017, it gathers a to my mind stellar group of scholars, conservators and scientists in what I hope will be a standard reference volume for anyone researching the field in the years to come. Published by Brepols, you can find more information, including how to order, on their website. Here is the table of contents: Continue reading ‘New Book out!’

Radio Rackham: Frækhedens evangelium

I denne episode af Radio Rackham snakker Frederik, Thomas og jeg med Dennis Meyhoff Brink om religionssatirens europæiske historie. Dennis forsvarede sin PhD om emnet ved IKK på Københavns Universitet i efteråret men har længe markeret sig som uhyre velartikuleret specialist på området. Som det naturligt følger med seriøst historisk arbejde, beriger hans indsigter forståelsen af vor tids debatter om religionskritik, ytringsfrihed, Muhammedtegninger, cancel culture og meget andet. Lyt og læs mere på Nummer9.

Kurt Westergaard at The Comics Journal

Back in July when Kurt Westergaard — the Danish cartoonist behind the most infamous and consequential satirical cartoon in history, the so-called Bomb in the Turban — died, I wrote an obituary and submitted it to The Comics Journal, the great magazine on comics and cartoon art to which I’ve contributed on/off over the years. For various reasons, it appears there only now, but I’m very happy to see it in publication and encourage you to read it! Oh, and if you understand Danish, to listen to the episode of Radio Rackham that we recorded on Westergaard and the Muhammad cartoons back then. It’s good!

Cartoon by Thomas Thorhauge, originally published in Weekendavisen 22 July 2021.