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Prototype or Parallel?

Prototype or Parallel?
An examination of a chronic connoiseurial conundrum. The hunt for the prototype, and whether we should trust it. With the work of Titian as its focus. Read more.


More MoCCA! More Mazzucchelli!

Because YOU demanded it: Here are some more flix from last weekends MoCCA Art Festival and the simultaneous opening reception of the must see David Mazzucchelli retrospective exhibition. Immerse yourself in the festive moods! Savour the close-ups of great comic book art! Scroll past the pictures of people you don’t know! Continue reading ‘More MoCCA! More Mazzucchelli!’

The MoCCA Flix (The Mazzucchelli Report)

Set in the huge Manhattan Armoury, this year’s MoCCA festival started off slightly delayed, apparently because a shipment of books arrived too late from the MoCCA building, but never mind: the lines of people waiting to get in continued far around the block for almost the entire day. With (almost!) all kinds of comics represented, the exhibitor’s space sizzled with the electric air of the future.

The day clearly belonged to the Duke of American comics, the great David Mazzucchelli, whose long awaited graphic novel Asterios Polyp debuted at Pantheon’s booth. Saturday evening saw the opening of an almost unbelievably strong retrospective exhibition at MoCCA’s actual museum, curated by Picturebox’s boy wonder Dan Nadel — undoubtedly the absolute highlight of the festival, with original artwork from Batman: Year One, Daredevil: Born Again, Rubber Blanket stories (“Discovering America”, “Big Man”, “Near Miss”), Asterios Polyp and much more.

Although I myself participated in the lively Scandinavian panel discussion, I unfortunately missed all the other panels. Paul Karasik’s show seemed very exciting though. But on with the flix! Continue reading ‘The MoCCA Flix (The Mazzucchelli Report)’

Picks of the Week


The picks of the week from around the web.

  • New York Times: Errol Morris — “Bamboozling Ourselves”. Famously, the picture above was sold to Göring as a Vermeer at an astronomical sum in 1943. Hard as it is to believe, it had prominent experts fooled. Read the story behind one of the most high-profile fine arts frauds and the man who painted the picture in this both fascinating and horrific series on the psychology of deception and the Nazi plunder of European art collections. Scroll down and start at the bottom.
  • David Lynch: The Interview Project. This week saw the premiere of the filmmaker’s American road trip through interviews with people encountered along the way. It may turn out somewhat uneven, but especially the first of the two interviews posted this week — with Jess, in Needles, CA — is gripping.
  • Stand

    From Wonderland with Love at MoCCA

    fromwonderland.jpgThe MoCCA Art Festival, this coming weekend, will see the debut of the English language anthology of Danish comics, From Wonderland with Love, published jointly by Fantagraphics and Danish small press publisher Aben Maler. This book contains some great work by the cream of Danish cartoonists working today, and a handful of them will even be on hand to push the book at the Art Festival. On the occasion of the release, here’s a short interview with editor and publisher at Aben Maler, Steffen P. Maarup.

    Can you briefly describe Wonderland?

    The book’s subtitle sort of says it all: Danish Comics in the Third Millennium. It’s basically the best short comics of the past decade, selected and edited by me. 19 artists, 176 pages. There’s quite a range of different material in there: from funny, satirical newspaper cartoons to crazy, graphically experimental contributions — but all with an indie, graphic novel sensibility. Fantagraphics are publishing the book in the US, and my own publishing company, Aben maler, is putting it out in Denmark. Continue reading ‘From Wonderland with Love at MoCCA’