Monthly Archive for September, 2018

Lazarus explained

At the National Gallery we’re currently running a series of half-hour lunchtime lectures on the history of the Gallery told through six key paintings. I kicked off the series a couple of weeks ago with a talk on a painting that has become near and dear to me for perhaps obvious reasons, The Raising of Lazarus by Sebastiano del Piombo, from partial designs by Michelangelo. It was an ideal place to start since it was the first painting inventorised at the founding of the National Gallery in 1824, with the number NG1. See it above. The talks are all available at the National Gallery’s YouTube page.

“Corto Maltese” i Information

I dagens bogtillæg til Information kan man læse min anmeldelse af andet bind i Juan Díaz Canales og Rubén Pellejeros Corto Maltese-kopi, Equatoria. En veloplagt pastiche, der ikke desto mindre fordrer spørgsmålet hvorfor? Læs her (men ££).