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Comics on the Mount!

Gitte Broeng and Mikkel Damsbo at the Charlottenborg Spring Show opening. Their comic “Relocating Mother” shines next to a full-size plush shark. Bringing comics to the mount.

Read “Relocating Mother” in KOLOR KLIMAX. Available now.

Broeng og Damsbo på Charlottenborg

På torsdag åbner Charlottenborgs forårsudstilling, i år med 70 kunstnere fra hele verden, deriblandt danske Gitte Broeng og Mikkel Damsbo, der udstiller originalsiderne til “Relocating Mother,” deres bidrag til den store nordiske antologi KOLOR KLIMAX, redigeret af undertegnede.

King ind forbi til ferniseringen og hils på kl. 19-22!

KOLOR KLIMAX Sneak Release — The Photos!

Johan F. Krarup, Henrik Andreasen and Marianne Eskebæk Larsen at the release party.

As mentioned here previously, last Thursday saw the Danish sneak release of the Nordic comics anthology KOLOR KLIMAX (to be released in the US and internationally by Fantagraphics Books in March). It was a fine evening; lots of Copenhagen comics folk turned out. Here are some photos hastily snapped at idle moments. Enjoy!

Same day saw a fine review by Bart Beaty, published at Comics Reporter. I was happy to see that he noticed not only some of the consolidated talents, but some relatively new ones, Johan F. Krarup and Mikkel Damsbo/Gitte Broeng, who I also think contributed really outstanding pieces to the book. Here’s a pull quote from Bart:

“Ultimately, there is no way not to recommend Kolor Klimax. It showcases a wide range of extremely talented cartoonists, and will open your eyes to a whole world of comics that get far too little attention. Something to anticipate for Spring.”