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Radio Rackham: Joe Sacco

Nyt podcast! Radio Rackham ser nærmere på tegneseriejournalisten Joe Saccos seneste bog, Paying the Land. Det er en af hans mest detaljerede og omfattende reportager og en bog, der i sin indgåaende reportage fra oprindelige samfund, de såkaldte Dene-folk, i Nordcanada omfatter presserende spørgsmål om klima, kolonialisme, kulturmøder og samtidig fortæller os individuelle, menneskelige historier. Det er både rystende og oplysende læsning.

Det var det andet afsnit vi optog og meget menignsfuldt for os, fordi netop Sacco var en central skikkelse på det område af tegneseriekulturen, vi dækkede med særlig interesse dengang vi publicerede Rackham som magasin — vi interviewede ham sågar i Rackham #3. Det var dengang han lige havde udgivet mesterværket Safe Area Gorazde — du kan læse min anmeldelse fra dengang her (og på engelsk her på Bunkeren) og Julie Paludan-Müllers af hans opfølger, The Fixer, her.

Læs mere på Nummer9, lydt via Soundcloud ovenfor, eller hent på Spotify, Podimo og iTunes. Check Radio Rackham på Instagram og Facebook. Props til DJ Carsten.

The Week (Cleaning out the Closet)

Obama in Martha's Vineyard on 18 August 2011. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque (used without permission, but hopefully fairly)

The week in review (kind of).

Haven’t done one of these in a while, and this is halfway through the week anyway, so it the timing is all wrong, but I have all these fine links that have been gnawing a hole in my drafts file for a while now that I figured I might as well share before we go into Angoulême mode here. Some are rather old and you might have seen them elsewhere, but if not here’s a chance to check them out.

  • The Obama memos. Following on from the State of the Union last night, one could do worse than reading this compelling examination of discussions had and choices made behind the scenes over the last three years in the White House. There are some revealing instances of Obama’s cynicism, as well as ample examples of his fetish for compromise, but also a very real sense of how difficult his job is. You could also do worse than supplementing it with Conor Friedersdorf’s sobering examination of the president’s transgressions of civil liberties at The Atlantic.
  • Ars Technica on internet piracy. Julian Sanchez examines and largely deconstructs the forcefully stated and strangely unquestioned arguments made in favor of fighting internet piracy by politicians and industry lobbyists — at the moment in favor of the highly dubious SOPA an PIPA bills (thanks Dirk!).
  • On Liu Xiaobo. This review at the NYRB of a recently translated collection of essays by the Chinese dissident and Nobel Prize-winner provides a compelling introduction to a clearly significant political thinker (now languishing in prison) and the country that fostered him.
  • Manga! Several excellent manga-related pieces have popped up online these past weeks. Yesterday jason Thompson examined smartly the decline in manga sales, in America as well as Japan. And Ryan Holmberg returned to his must-read but only intermittently updated column at The Comics Journal with a great essay on akahon manga, while the Hooded U republishes an excellent piece by Tom Gill on the great Tsuge Yoshiharu.
  • Finally — and this is a bit of an old link, but a must if you haven’t already checked it out — Joe Sacco with a new short piece of comics journalism, from Kushinagar in India.