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Danish Comics of the Year 2020

It’s been a tough year, but thankfully that doesn’t mean good comics haven’t been made and published around the world! Once again, Paul Gravett is here to help us all get an overview with his by now tradition-rich internaitonal annual roundup of the best comics . As usual, I’ve provided my view of what was best in Danish comics in 2020. My choices are reproduced below, but check the whole list here. Continue reading ‘Danish Comics of the Year 2020′

Danish Comics of the Year 2017

A little late this year perhaps, but I’ve now contributed my selection of last year’s best Danish comics to Paul Gravett’s annual international year in review feature. Go check out his full list, with the first part here and the second here, or peep my choices right here: Continue reading ‘Danish Comics of the Year 2017′

Signe Parkins i Information

Efter laaang tid er jeg tilbage i Information med en tegneserieanmeldelse. Det gælder Signe Parkins’ helstøbte tegneserielyrik Tusindfryd. Læs her, men beware the paywall.